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Haus der Musik

Das Haus der Musik ist ein interaktives Klangmuseum und bietet neue, innovative Zugänge zum Thema Musik, in einer Modernst aufbereiteten Schau.


Our aim is to provide knowledge and understanding as well as open-mindedness and enthusiasm when dealing with music.Visitors are prompted to engage in interactive play with music. more


Musical entertainment and scary tales for kids!

Children's concerts and a scary journey into the world of sounds


Marko Simsa and Bernhard Fibich await young listeners with a story about the water cycle (Friday, 11 October) and Kuddelmuddel und Gesprudel (Saturday, 12 October) in October. On Halloween (Thursday, 31 October) you are in for an eerie discovery visit at the Sound Museum!



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Haus der Musik - Rundgang
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SOUND:CARPET - Tobias Hermeling

Haus der Musik's 3rd floor shines in new splendour after Austrian media artist Tobias Hermeling has re-designed the SOUND:CARPET. It stretches over 700m2 of exhibition space that are dedicated to the First and Second Viennese School.


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