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Haus der Musik


A multi-media opera and interactive music experience.


In our new installation zeitperlen virto|stage media artist Johannes Deutsch, soprano Natalia Ushakova, the Vienna Philharmonic, the composers Nick & Clemens Prokop and interaction designer Stefan Schilcher make it possible to experience the MULTIDIMENSIONAL merging of MUSIC, CHANT and VISION first-hand: OPERA from the perspective of actors. Human gestures turn into dramaturgical instruments defining storyline and degree of audio-visual complexity - the recipient becomes the interpreter.


A multi-media opera and interactive music experience.


Johannes Deutsch uses themes from Don Giovanni, The Flying Dutchman and Ovid's Metamorphoses as a creative and contextual approach to a series of intensively edited photographic sceneries.


virto|stage allows you to direct your very own personal music and opera experience. storyline, stage design and music are in your hands. your movements and gestures bring about your own original multimedia opera.

virto|stage is a virtual stage resembling an opera house. surrounded by loges and tiers you find yourself in the midst of an opera event. two stages feature two distinct topics. zeitperlen lets you experience how to merge music, vocals and vision in a unique way: a multimedia opera from the perspective of its actors - you are essential in its production.

A second, architecturally identical stage awaits our young visitors. Kids can look forward to a very special interactive experience when children's book author Marko Simsa presents his zoo concert.

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